Sunday, February 27, 2011

The best things I learned at TCEA

My DH and I attened TCEA this year. He presented. Alas, my proposal was not selected. I guess that my bit about the fun of using Skype with a traveling mascot was too old school. Oh well, Skoob will just keep traveling and I will just keep enjoying it.
OK...what did I learn? LiveBinder is a very cool site and I might see if my students can use this Web 2.0 application next year instead of saving things on the student drive. (that seems to confuse them and they cannot access it from home.) Tagzeto is very cool and I may use that in my Fancy Nancy Lesson. I used PhotoPeach to add a slide show of our Battle of the Books titles for next year on my website. Pretty proud that I learned to embed the slide show. Xtranormal is no longer free....drat.
I may take a poll of my fellow district librarians to see how many of them are aware of these apps and if they are not, I may write a proposal to present at the 2011-12 Library Harvest sponsored by Region XI...but only if presenters receive a free registration.