Monday, August 19, 2013

Here We Go

My Birdville ISD buds returned to work today.  My DH starts back tomorrow.  To celebrate the end of the summer, we spent the day with Ben, the most perfect grandchild in the Universe.  Unca Tim gave Ben another swimming lesson and after his (Ben's, not Tim's) nap, we checked out a local splash pad.  I had hoped that the splash pad would be a bigger hit than it was.  Apparently it is hard to get excited about a splash pad when you don't like the sensation of water on your head.  We finished our day with a delicious dinner prepared by DIL, Dianna, when we delivered the boy home.
So....tomorrow it begins....the first day of my retirement.  I had originally planned to jump right into my planned schedule....starting each day with my trip to the Y, cooking healthy dinners, finishing up and starting quilts that have Christmas delivery dates and sewing on Fridays with my little sewing posse...but I have changed my mind about that.  I am taking a vacation this week.  (Of course my friends think that I have been on vacation all summer but that is just not true!) I plan to do a little grocery shopping, cook what sounds good, sew what I want to sew, watch season three of Downton Abbey, stay up late reading and sleep until I feel like getting up.  I am having breakfast on Wednesday with two other retired library goddesses and will probably pick up Ben again on Thursday.  And then on Friday after a day of sewing with my buds, I think it will be time for Happy Hour at the Three Parrots.  After all, my teacher friends and family members will probably need a drink or two by then even though the children don't actually return to the classrooms until next week.  Professional development and room preparations are just as difficult as dealing with the children and the professional development portion is just plain mind numbing!
Now I need to contact my last school to remind them that I no longer work there and that they can remove my phone number and email address from the phone reminder system.  I really don't care that "Meet the Teacher night" is Thursday. 
So...let's see how this retirement thing goes......

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