Tuesday, August 6, 2013

These times, they are a-changin'

I've been retired since June 1st but being a teacher, I don't feel retired.  I've spent this summer break doing what I always do during the summer...traveling with my family, enjoying adventures with good friends, seeing movies and plays, playing with the most perfect grandbaby in the world and floating in Jeri's pool.  So when someone asks me, "How do you like retirement?" The honest answer is...I just don't know because I don't feel retired.
But the summer break is winding for teachers.  My teacher buds on Facebook are itching to get back into their classrooms to organize and decorate for the coming year.  My DH John is stocking up on the school supplies that his students constantly forget.  My DS Andy is busy getting his training room ready and being on hand for pre-season volleyball and football practice.  Some friends are squeezing one last quick trip before the craziness begins.  Others are finishing up professional development requirements.  And me?  I'm starting to get nervous.
I feel like I should be out shopping for a new convocation dress but since I won't be going to convocation, I don't need one.  I feel like I should be working on a book order so that I am ready when the budget is released in September but the only book budget I have now is with Barnes and Noble and my nook wishlist.  I feel like I should be working on some new lesson plans for my kindergarten visitors but the only lesson plans I have right now including reviewing colors with GS Ben.  I feel like I should be thinking of redecorating the library but the only redecorating I'm doing involves my master bathroom.
So how will I feel when my teacher friends hop on the bus and it doesn't stop for me?  How will I feel when I finally realize that my days as Mrs. D. are finally over?  How much will I miss the way that a group of kindergarten students vibrate when they are engrossed in a story?  How much of a hole will there be in my heart when I don't have my fifth grade posse with all of their drama to fill it?  I honestly don't know.
I've considered lots of day-filling options like subbing (but only in the libraries), getting a part-time job (but where?), volunteering in friends' classrooms (not thrilled with that option), or volunteering in an elementary library (but I hate shelving).  Nothing feels like a good fit.
So that's where this blog comes in.  I hope to use it to explore my options and I hope that you'll come along as I attempt to reinvent Mrs. D.


  1. All normal feelings! Retirement does take some getting used to, but you are blessed to have family & friends close by, a wide range of interests and options, and good health to enjoy them. I have 5 years of retirement under my belt and I still want to tuck away some of the school supply bargains that are in the stores this month! Of course, I'm not sure what to do with the lifetime supply of post-it notes I already have! :-)

  2. Geeeesh....you've had a blog for over a year and no one knew about it??

    Ok.....a few points....I for one am not "itching" to get back to work. If I had that itch, I'd go to the Dr and find a cure for it. I'm counting down the days left of summer vacation and am crying inside......worried about all the things I said I was going to do this summer and still haven't done yet. Some of them would have been fun .....some new antique stores maybe? the drive in movies? Others wouldn't have been so fun...cleaning out the closet? ....but really would've been nice to get out of the way. As for new clothing? Well...you can still go get some. I have the feeling that when us 'working folk" finish up on Fridays, there will be Judy, our cruise director, with a whole itinerary all planned out for the weekend....and you'll be chomping at the bit to get started on the list!! Now, speaking of lists, if you were agreeable, I'm sure we could send you on all sorts of adventures during the day...running errands we can't run, picking up things we can't pick up because of our j-o-b-s. Maybe I can have you sit at my house if I need someone there to let a workman in or something like that? You just never know how we could "use" you!! But I have the feeling that you'll be just fine and maybe you'll even be busier than you were when you were working. And of course, I'll have stories for you that will just reinforce the fact that you made the right decision in retiring. You're going to have to have some great adventures in retirement so that I can take a few minutes out of the day and read your blog!!!

  3. Jeri...you know that I would gladly come to your house to sit and wait on a delivery or a workman. In fact, I am certain that I will spend many days in September churning up the chlorine in your pool....it's a public service, right? As for running your errands, I'm fairly certain that you like to shop too much to allow me to do that for you.
    I'll try not to overplan your weekends but you know that you don't want to miss out on anything....just sayin'....'member?

  4. As you will be missed, no doubt there, I am sure that between all of your wonderful Facebook friends, and loyal blog followers, you will be immersed in the action that is the 2013-14 school year! However, as your 'inside man', I can attest that working in the library this year will definitely not be the same without you there!

  5. You will be missed that is for sure! Go shopping, travel, go for a walk, do the things you wanted to do but couldn't take the time for because you were SO dedicated to the kids. You worked so hard and now you deserve this! ENJOY!!! <3

  6. Love your blog! Just getting caught up. You have a way with expressing yourself that is so interesting. And you've made me think. I'm happy to go along with you on your explorations. Thanks Judy. :)