Monday, January 6, 2014


The new year is begun and it's past time for my resolutions. 
Like 75% of the rest of the world, I want to improve my health and fitness in 2014.  DH and I hate this time of the year at the Y because of all of those other resolution makers!  It will be a crowded mess until mid-February.  About that time, the crowds will fall off because most of us only keep these resolutions for about 6 weeks.  These crowds will have one benefit for us long-time members.  I don't usually participate in the fitness classes because the classes are filled with members who have been in these classes for years....literally.  They all have "their" spaces in the room and woe unto those who stand in their space.  They all know what the instructor expects them to do and understand all of the shouted instructions.  "Oh, just tell the instructor that you are new to the class (like she wouldn't notice?) and she will make sure you know what to do," is the advice from the Y administrators.  These bosses obviously have not been in the classes because they have no idea about the wrath of the regulars.  But there are a few brave souls with new resolutions who will attempt to join these classes and be unaware of the importance of a particular space.  My plan is to follow a few of these newbies (their new Christmas gift/workout clothes give them away every time) in to the classroom and hide out behind them.  The regulars wouldn't dare attack a GROUP of newcomers and we can take up several of these special spots.  So that's one resolution...Take a group fitness class at the Y and live to tell about it.
I also want to improve my quilting skills.  I am happy with my piecing skills but my machine quilting leaves much to be desired.  Oh, I'm OK with a straight line but anything else is a mess.  When I quilt for a customer, I do the quilt design and construction and sub-contract to a professional longarm quilter for the actual quilting.  (I do tell the customer so this is no bait and switch scam.) I would like to be able to quilt commissioned quilts but it's difficult on a home sewing machine.  It can be done and skillfully by many but not by me.  I have considered purchasing a longarm machine but the cost ($10-25K) is prohibitive as is the space needed.  So here is my improve my machine quilting skills on my home machine and to take a class or two on longarm quilting with the plans to rent time on these machines at local quilt shops.
And finally, when I retired I promised myself to organize several areas of our home including the sewing room, the linen closet, the pantry and the kitchenware storage.'s been 6 months now and I have "straightened" the sewing room but it is by no means reorganized and none of the other areas have even been touched.  I could promise myself that I would tackle one of these areas each week until they have all been de-cluttered but my weeks are fairly busy....there are those visits to the Y, my Friday sew day with my sewing sisters, my weekly visit with Transplant Sue, my Tuesdays with Ben (we start Nonie and me swimming lessons tomorrow) not to mention the time devoted to Facebook and email.  So my resolution is the reorganize something once a month.
So there they are...only 3 resolutions and nothing earth shattering.  And if I don't follow through no one will be harmed....except for me, of course.  Being able to actually find something in the closet that fits would be nice.   

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  1. I have never been a resolutioner but it was interesting reading yours. My resolution each year is to make it to the next year. LOL Or maybe I do set the goals and just don't call them resolutions because they are not made on January 1st. It's nice to think ahead and have a plan. Yours is well thought out and good luck to you in meeting them, Judy. You can do it!