Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesdays with Nonie OR What I learned from a 30 month old today

Today began our weekly Nonie and Mr. Perfect adventure Tuesdays.  (Mr. Perfect is aka The Most Perfect Grandchild in the World.)  Because it is important to us that Mr. Perfect learn to swim, or at least be comfortable in the water, we decided to sign him up for a Water Babies class at our local Aqua Kids.  Since he is under 3 years of age, this is an adult/child activity.  Mr. Perfect's parents would have signed him up but this swim center is closer to us and since they both work and I do not, (yippee) it seemed easier for me to be the responsible adult in this activity.  I picked him up from DIL's office and we spent the morning playing before our class.
I learned a few important lessons from Mr. Perfect today.
1) When he looks at you and using his most stern voice says, "Dummy" he is not making a comment about your intelligence (or lack thereof).  He is merely asking that you read his new book, Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb.  It includes the refrain, "Dum Ditty Dum Ditty Dum Dum" and is therefore referred to as the dummy book.
2) It takes 2 Lego people and 7 rubber ducks to convince him that we need to put our coats on and get in the car for the trip to swimming lessons.
3) Shoes and socks are some of life's great mysteries.  Mr. Perfect insists that he keep his shoes and socks on in the house but the minute that he is strapped into his carseat, they must be removed.  At least he has recently begun to tuck the socks into the shoes so the hunts for the missing Frankenstein socks are becoming fewer and less traumatic.  And he no longer flings the shoes into the way back of the Honda so I don't need to climb all the way in to the car to retrieve them.
4)  Trying to get a toddler out of his shirt when he does not want to be out of his shirt is a little like wrestling a spider monkey.....at least, I think that it would be similar.  I've never actually wrestled a spider monkey. Next week, I am asking Mom to pack an extra shirt so we do not have a repeat episode and and he can swim in his shirt.  Getting in the pool is non-negotiable.
5) Having someone softly sing the ABC song in your ear makes is much easier to attempt to float on your back.
6) It is absolutely necessary to search for Unca Tim all over the house even though you have been told over and over that he is not home.  You never know, that rascal Tim might actually be hiding under the bed.  And when your Nonie makes a 30 second HangOuts connection with said Unca, all is right with the world. And "Unca Tim's in tree" which is Mr. Perfect speak for "Uncle Tim is in Calgary" is the appropriate explanation.
7) All good things come to those who cooperate in swimming lessons.  There will always be a stop for "bites" on the way home and "fa fries" can be on the menu if you ask nicely.  And did you know that white cream gravy mixed with ketchup makes a tasty dipping sauce of chicken strips, fa fries and bread?
8) Whatever Nonie is drinking is infinitely more desirable than what is in the Mickey Mouse sippy cup.  Thanks goodness, I don't drink adult beverages during the day...usually.
So, all in all, it was an enlightening day.....the first of many Tuesdays with Nonie....at least I hope so.  And I hope that this "elderly" adult can keep up with the spider monkey speed and agility of Mr. Perfect.  I think I need to work out more....I am exhausted!


  1. LOL oh my gosh that was entertaining! you are having too much fun these days Judy! Tuesdays with Nonie sound enchanting. I wanna come!

  2. Diana, I wish you could join us.....I need help with the spider monkey! It wears me out but I am having such fun with Mr. Perfect.