Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Resolution update...Group Fitness Class

January 16, 2014
One of my resolutions this year was to take a group fitness class. Today was the day for that. I coerced my friend, SLC, to join me. We decided to join the Basic Step class. Remember, I was concerned about taking someone's place. Well that was not a problem...the instructor was very nice and there were no space issues.  We honestly tried to be successful but the pace of the class was just too much for us. And I could not follow the instructions....who would expect that I would have difficulty following directions? We gave it a shot but that class was just not for us beginners. But we are not finished with this challenge. Next week we are stepping it back and joining the Silver Sneakers class. I've been told that it is a good workout so let's see if I can keep up with the other seniors.
January 22, 2014
SLC and I checked out the Silver Sneakers II class at the Y today.  Hey....we are young Silver Sneakers....we don't need the beginning class.  It's a full class....both men and women "of a certain age".  I knew right away that this class was going to be much different than our Basic Step classes.  The men in the group started right in, carrying chairs (yes, I said chairs) and carpet squares and setting up the room.  (Gentlemen do still exist!)  Since I was clueless as to what to do, SLC got me outfitted with my exercise bands, my Silver Sneakers official ball and led me over the weights.  I went with the 4 lb weights when a little  Oriental woman raised her eyebrows at me while I was reaching for the 5 pounders.  The other, more experienced class members came up and started to introduce themselves and (covertly) question our ages and ability to keep up.  Our new friend, Margo, introduced us to a very sweet lady in front of us (cannot remember her name....I'm old enough to be in the senior fitness class so I am allowed a memory lapse or six.) who is 86 years old and has survived two heart surgeries.  Margo told us to just watch this lady and we would be just fine.  In addition to being 86 years old, this sweet lady has been taking this class for 10 years.  She invited us to join them for coffee before class because we could learn a lot about insurance and taxes from this group.  (I'm not sure what insurance and taxes has to do with fitness but......)
The music is good....mostly disco and things I actually have heard in my younger days.  The instructor is perky.  The class members all know each other and the class started with announcements about who was in the hospital and who has rejoined the group after a hospital stay.  (That, my folks, is my future!)  All of the aerobic moves can be adjusted to your fitness level and some class members (not me) actually used the chairs the entire time.  (There were some exercises done sitting in the chair but the chairs are actually used more for balance.)  There were lots of balance exercises which I really need.  They even have two ladies whose job it is to keep an eye on everyone and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.  (I also think that they might be the ones trained in CPR and be the designated "catcher" if someone goes down mid-class.  They station themselves near the door to quickly summon aid!)
So...the verdict.....I think that SLC and I are really too young for this class.  (I've already picked out the guy most like my father-in-law....chatting with the ladies and generally joking around!)  But, that being said, any form of exercise is better than nothing so I plan to make this a part of my weekly schedule.  In time, I hope that I can progress to a younger class but who knows, I might be the 86 year old who has been coming for 26 years in the future!  Maybe I can be one of the first responders!  You know how I like to make sure that everyone is doing the right moves!
An ending note on Tuesdays with Nonie.....Mr. Perfect still does not want to put on that swim diaper and swim suit.  But he likes the songs that we sing and sang all the way home from lessons.  He was able to tell Mommy all about what we did so maybe we are making progress even though he really is not a big fan of the water.  I would like to add library story time to our perfectly in to the schedule....but that would mean changing clothes at the pool and I am not ready to share the spider monkey wrestling bout with any other parents.  Stay tuned for updates next week.


  1. I love your insights into seniors. LOL And please share the information about insurance and taxes as you go, I'm taking notes.

  2. Maybe you can be the "cheerleader"......Good Job Old People!!!