Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's all Opa's fault

Had a little excitement during Tuesdays with Nonie this week.  Mr. Perfect sustained his first injury on our watch....and it wasn't my fault!  DH will probably not be pleased that I am sharing this incident with the world but since my blog world consists of 11 subscribers, it's not a very large world.  My FB shares are not always widely read so I'm not too worried.

It's a girl!
We spent Sunday celebrating the gender reveal for Mr. Perfect's sibling.  We are thrilled that the new baby is a girl so we will now have a Miss Perfect to go with Mr. Perfect instead of Mr. Perfect Too.
(We know in advance that she will be just a perfect as her older brother!)  Mr. Perfect felt a little warm to me on Sunday but I attributed it to the excitement of having so many of his favorite people in the same place at the same time. (Unca Tim and G&G were there via the magic of Hangouts and Skpe.)

Virtual fist bump!
I, of course, was wrong.  Later in the evening it became clear that this was a stomach bug issue. (We are certain that the puking and pooping were not his comments on having a sister instead of a brother!)  He kept Mom and Dad up most of the night.  Mom was off on Monday due to President's Day so that was good but he still did not allow her (and therefore, his sister) to get any rest.  Since Tuesday is our regular day together, we picked him up on Monday evening for a pre-Tuesdays with Nonie sleepover.

When he got up on Tuesday morning, I asked him how he felt.  He responded with "Much better, thank   you!" (See how perfect he is?)  We had a great day.....swimming lessons (he had been fever free for 24 hours and there is a lot of chlorine in that pool anyway!)...chicken and fa fries for lunch.....shape puzzles on the IPad....a shorter nap than usual...Elmo's World on TV and a stroll to the park to enjoy the beautiful day.  He wanted to go for a walk but thought that Nonie should carry him so we compromised on the stroller.

Mom had to pick Dad up for work so Opa got to spend some time with Mr. Perfect, also.  It was still light out and there was plenty of time before dinner so Opa took him out for another stroll around the neighborhood.  (Mr. Perfect especially likes hitting the bumps on the cracked sidewalks in the neighborhood if accompanied by a "bump bump" sound effect.)  They hadn't been gone long when there they were....back home.  Mr. Perfect came in and rushed to Nonie.  Then I saw it....Mr. Perfect had been damaged!  Apparently Opa decided that it wasn't necessary to use the seat belt on the stroller and Mr. Perfect decided to test the laws of physics and stuck his foot down to meet the sidewalk.....face plant on the cement.  His forehead and nose are scraped bright red!  No bump and thank goodness, his teeth are all still there!  But I can only imagine what the day care providers had to say!  Mom and Dad took it well..maybe Dad remembers the time I dropped him on his face in the kitchen when he was about this age.  There was tooth damage to that one so it was worse.

Naturally Opa feels awful about damaging this perfect boy but I am sure this will not be the only accident that will result in bumps and bruises.  I just hope it's not on our watch next time!  (And, in case you wondered, he is still perfect!)

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