Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Schooled by an 86 year old

My sewing sister and fitness buddy, SLC, have joined the Silver Sneakers II fitness class at the y.  In an earlier post I expressed concern about group fitness classes and the territorial demeanor of some class members. I was pleasantly surprised to be warmly welcomed by this senior group although I do feel a bit "young" to be in this class. Some of the exercises are similar to those done by nursing home residents but I guess I should just look at it as preparation for my golden years in a "home".  
There is a gentleman in the class who likes to sing along with the music and has a great voice but I'm already tired of his routine and it's only been a couple of weeks.  But then again it might be fun to go to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar with him....I need to find out if he enjoys an adult beverage and can stay awake past 10.  He reminds me of my father-in-law in that he always has a smart come-back for just about anything. 
I've discovered that I am fortunate to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.  I can do that but I cannot do a movement with my left arm while my right leg is doing something else.  Such as, kick your right leg forward while you left arm is swinging back.  Just not happening for me.  It's a brain thing!
At our first class we met Mary Lou who is 86 and the darling of the group.  She was very sweet and welcoming on that first day.  Today was another story.  SLC was finishing up her treadmill time so I went on into the classroom and got out our carpet squares and chairs so that we would be ready when class started.  I was all set up in the second from the back row and went to get the hand weights and resistance bands that we would need.  When I came back, Mary Lou was standing at my chair, looking down at my iPod and headphones, wondering aloud who had left their stuff on HER chair.  I explained that these were my things.  To which she said, "Do you know how old I am?" "Yes, m'am. You told me last week that you are 86." "That's right and this is my spot. You don't need to move but this is my spot!" Needless to say, I moved. She said, "that's so sweet of you to move. You really don't have to." I told that yes, I did because I was a little afraid of her.  She said, " should be!"  I will defer to my elders and you can be certain that I will not be setting up in the second row from the back again!  Now I just need to figure out where the sing-along guy always stands so I can avoid that spot, too.
Oh....and there were no announcements about any regulars being in the hospital and no cards to sign this week.  Plus the "watchers" haven't had to correct me lately so I must be doing better.  And I actually broke out in a sweat today during the workout but that might have been because the other ladies thought the room was too cold and demanded that the fans be turned off.  Those bird-like ladies just need a little more meat on their frail little I have!

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