Friday, February 14, 2014

Tuesdays with nonie ....part 3

This week Tuesdays with Nonie became Tuesday with Nonie and Opa as DH's school was cancelled due to bad weather. (Actually, there was no bad weather....just a forecast for icy roadways and his district made the decision too early)
I was excited about this development because DH has been missing out on our adventures and was getting a little jealous. Plus he could finally experience the joy of getting the spider monkey into the dreaded swim diaper and swim suit. 
We played through the morning and it was time to get ready for swim lessons. we go....We had been playing with a cool shapes puzzle app on the IPad when it was time to change.  Since he was in control of the IPad, I let Mr. Perfect carry it to the bedroom to change. He was absorbed in his shape puzzle and didn't even notice that he was being stuffed into the hated swim diaper! He didn't fuss about changing his clothes at all!! Where is the justice in that? DH didn't get to witness a full on spider monkey episode!  But in the interest of using these Tuesdays as learning experiences, I can now say that I learned that changing ones clothes is an acceptable activity as long as there is technology available for use.
Opa got in the pool with Mr. Perfect and that was OK, too.  He smiled and seemed to enjoy his time in the water.  I learned that it doesn't matter who takes Mr. Perfect for his swim lesson as long as there are the usual songs and games.  He still will not "use his kickers" but he doesn't mind going underwater. 
And once again I learned that swimming lessons result in long naps....for both Mr. Perfect and his Opa!  DH claims that his recliner has magical sleep inducing powers and he just might be right.  They certainly kicked in on Tuesday.  I'll give it a try some chilly afternoon and report my findings later.
Cannot wait to see what I will learn next week.

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